Are Budgie Eggs Edible? {Are They Safe To Eat}

Are you curious to know if budgie eggs are edible? Have you ever heard someone talking about budgie eggs being edible?

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the edibility of budgie eggs.

So, Are Budgie Eggs Edible?

Yes, Just like hen eggs, budgie eggs are safe to be consumed. Budgie eggs are like any other eggs that are edible, so there’s nothing to doubt about the palatability of budgie eggs. The only difference is the size of budgie eggs.

Now that you know that budgie eggs are edible, you might be wondering, can you eat a budgie egg? Let’s find out!

Can You Eat a Budgie Egg?

Yes, there’s no harm in eating a budgie egg. Although it’s not common to see people eating budgie eggs, consuming a budgie egg is safe. Interestingly, unlike others, people in the Amazon Forest mostly eat budgie eggs.

Are Budgie Eggs Edible

If you are planning to try eating a budgie egg, do consider the following factors.

1. Personal Choice:

Although you can eat a budgie egg, it’s more about personal choices and preferences. While some people love eating a budgie egg, some find it disgusting to destroy those tiny eggs.

2. Size Is a Concern:

Budgie eggs are tiny, unlike the eggs of a hen. As a result, consuming budgie eggs will not benefit you in terms of nutrients or keeping you full. Moreover, since they are so small, you will need them in large numbers to fill your stomach.

3. Produced In Small Numbers:

A female budgie lays as few as 10 to 20 eggs a year. Hence, budgie eggs are not readily available for consumption.

Be Careful If You Have Eggs from a Budgie Pair:

Eggs from a budgie pair are likely to be fertile. You might not want to kill a baby budgie who is not yet born. Therefore, you should remove the egg as soon as it is laid to ensure it doesn’t have a baby.

Moreover, you can also use a flashlight to check if a budgie egg is fertile or infertile. You can use a flashlight to see through a budgie egg in a dark room. If it is fertile, you will see red veins indicating the development of a healthy chick. In case you don’t see red veins, it means that there is no chick or the baby is dead.

Your Female Budgie Can Get Mad at You:

Female budgies are incredibly protective of their eggs. Removing their eggs from the nesting box might make them angry at you. Therefore, it’s better to eat budgie eggs that they discard if the eggs remain unhatched for several days.

In short, you can try eating budgie eggs once. But planning to consume them often is not practical or even possible. If budgie eggs are edible, you might be wondering if you can cook a budgie egg? Let’s find out in the next section.

Can You Cook a Budgie Egg?

Yes, you can cook a budgie egg. However, you will need at least 10-20 budgie eggs to prepare an omelet or any other dish out of them because they are so tiny. Moreover, it would be a hassle to handle such small eggs.

Another problem in cooking budgie eggs is the difficulty in finding the proper utensils. You cannot cook a budgie egg in your regular frypans.

Interesting Fact: Do you know boiled budgie eggs are not white like the eggs of a hen? Instead, budgie eggs appear transparent when boiled. Moreover, uncooked budgie eggs can be anywhere from white, off-white to light grey in color.

What Does a Budgie Egg Taste Like?

Budgie eggs taste like a nut, or you can say that they are nutty in taste. Besides being nutty, people who have tried budgie eggs describe them as being quite sweet. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to try a budgie egg to know its exact taste.

How Big Typically are the Eggs?

Unlike the eggs of hen, budgie eggs are extremely small in size. On average, budgie eggs are 1 to 2 cm wide and 2-3 cm in length and are oval or circular in shape. If you don’t want to talk in terms of the measurements, you can imagine them approximately to be the size of a grape.