What to do With Budgie While on Holiday

Are you looking to go on holiday and are wondering what to do with your budgie while away?

Is it ok to leave them alone?

How long can they be left alone for?

In this article I will cover everything you need to know.

What To Do With Budgie While on Holiday

There are a few things that you can do with your budgie while you are on holiday which include

  • Leave budgie at home
  • Give budgie to friend or family
  • Take budgie to boarding
  • Hire a bird sitter

Give Budgie to Friend or Family

This is the easiest option to simply give your budgie to a friend or family member to look after while you are away.

Take Budgie to Boarding

There are many boarding companies that will happily look after your budgie simply search for companies in your location.

Hire a Bird Sitter

This is my recommended choice as your budgie will stay with experience bird keepers, I have used a website called trustedhousesitters where you can search for verified sitters local to you who will look after your bird while you are away.

Your budgie will go to their house to stay or they can come to your house to check on your budgie.

What to do With Budgie While on Holiday

Can I leave Budgie At Home When On Holiday?

Yes, you can leave your budgie at home while you are away on holiday, it is recommended to get someone to check them everyday to make sure they are well and have access to food and fresh water.

There are also a few things you should do before and whilst you are away to make sure that your budgie will be ok while you are away.

1. Spend Less Time With Them

A good way to prepare your budgie for when you are away is to spend less time with them everyday for a week which will help them with not having you around.

I usually do this by leaving the radio on in the same room as the budgie whilst I will be in a different room away from the budgies review.

This usually calms the budgie as they can hear a human voice.

Whilst you are away you can also leave a plug timer on so the radio will come on at a set time during the day, which should keep your budgie occupied and feel safe

2. Introduce New Toys

Before you leave you could purchase new toys or ornaments to place in the cage which could keep their interest whilst you are away.

3. Place Cage Near Window

You could move the cage near the window so the budgie can be kept occupied looking out of the window, you will need to make sure that the cage is not in direct sunlight is this good stress out your bird.

4. Arrange For Someone To Visit Your Budgie

If you plan to be away for more than a few days you should arrange for somebody to visit your budgie everyday if possible.

The person that is visiting will need to check the following things

  • Is the budgie ok
  • is there enough food
  • change the water
  • check cage or any issues

5. Introduce A 2nd Budgie

budgies are very sociable Birds that love being around other birds. If you were to introduce a second budgie into your cage it will keep the original budgie much happier when you are away.

introduce 2nd budgie

If you do plan to add a second budgie you should not do it just before you go away as you will need to monitor if they get on and separate them if they have any issues.

The last thing you want is for your two badges to fight while you are away.

Can You Take A Budgie On Holiday With You

It is not recommended to take a budgie with you on holiday as some budgies are very scared stressed by travelling.

Most budgies travel well in cars and aeroplanes and loves the change of scenery but some birds become stressed very easily by travelling.

If you are on holiday you will probably need to leave them by them self when you go out on activities, most budgies will become very stressed being left in unfamiliar environment.

if they managed to get out of the cage they will most likely fly away because they feel insecure with the environment

Is It ok to Leave a Budgie Alone?

It is ok to leave a budgie home alone but do not leave them for more than 2 days alone in case there are any issues.

If your budgie has a medical emergency, such as an injury they might need to be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

You also need to supply them with fresh water to drink as well as fresh food.

Budgies are also very sociable animals that enjoys company of their owners and they will become sad if they don’t see their owners for a few days.

Can You Bring a Budgie on a Plane?

Most airlines will allow you to bring your budgie on a plane as either carry on or checked in baggage. The bird must be a common household bird (Which is budgie is) and not a wild or exotic bird.

If you plan on travelling internationally your destination country might have regulations that you need to abide by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my budgie abroad?

Yes, you can take a budgie abroad depending on the destination countries rules. you should also provide them a special cage for the journey to ensure they are comfortable.

Can I leave my budgie for a week?

No, it is not recommended to leave a budgie on their own for more than 2 days. They require fresh drinking water and food and regular exercise.

Do Budgies Get Car Sick

Yes, budgies generally travel very well in cars even over long distances, but depending on your bird they might not travel well and get motion sickness

How Long Can A Budgie Be Left Alone?

A budgie should not be left I’m alone for more than 2 days at a time. A budgie requires frequent care and monitoring and exercise.