Where do Budgies Like to be Scratched {Find Out Here}

Are you trying to tame your budgie and are wondering where they like to be scratched?

Are there any locations on a budgie you should not touch?

In this article I will teach you where is the best place to scratch them.

Where do budgies like to be scratched? Budgies like to be scratched at the back of the head and around the shoulders as well as under their beaks.

scratch budgie

How To Scratch A Budgie

Be aware that not all budgies like to be scratched, you need to gain the budgies trust before you can attempt to scratch them.

To scratch a budgie follow these steps

  1. Make sure you approached the budgies cage slowly and without making noises.
  2. Slowly open the cage and put your hands slowly inside the cage.
  3. If the budgie appears nervous or scared keep your hand in the cage but do not move it, wait for the budgie to settle down and get used to you inside their cage.
  4. If the budgie is turning its head left and right, bowing its head to you, closing their eyes or fluffing up its feathers, these are all signs that the budgie is comfortable with your presence.
  5. When the budgie is comfortable with you I recommend to start scratching the budgies beak as this will help them become more comfortable with you.
  6. Next you can gradually scratch them around the side of the neck, be careful not to scratch them in the eye.
  7. Then you can move to scratching them behind their heads and around their shoulders

Where Not To Scratch A Budgie

There are a few areas of the budgie that you should not try to scratch and these include

  • Below the Budgies Neck
  • Stroke Up

Below the Budgies Neck

This mistake is made by many inexperience bird keepers, touching or scratching around the bird’s neck is reserved for breeding rituals and will confuse the bird if you are scratching them here.

Furthermore it is possible this can develop behavioural problems for your budgie in the future if done frequently.

Stroke Up

Budgies prefer to be stroked against the natural direction of their feathers which is up from the tail.