What Age Do Budgies Start to Talk?

Have you ever seen a budgie talking before? Are you concerned about a particular budgie talking? In this article, you will be discovering the age at which budgies start to talk and how you can deal with a budgie talking.

Budgies can converse with each other via songs. They are also undoubtedly capable of communicating with humans. It is left to its owner to teach it how to talk.

What Age Do Budgies Start to Talk? A budgie will start to talk when they are 3 – 4 months old. It is also quite easy to teach them new words.

If the budgie is acquired at an early age, it would be relatively easier to teach it how to speak. A budgie, being taught how to speak from 4 months old, can start talking when it’s 6 to 7 months old.

What Age Do Budgies Start to Talk

How do you know when a Budgie is Trying to Talk?

If you have successfully bonded with your budgie, you will notice it staring at your mouth when you talk. Chances are, it is most likely trying to imitate the movement of your mouth and the sounds you make.

You might also notice your budgie making random sounds, chirping, or clicking its tongue. It is simply trying to practice what it has learned from you or heard other people say.

How Do You Teach a Budgie to Talk?

If you want to teach your budgie to talk there are a few things that you can try;

  • You should try talking to your budgie. This is the method humans use to teach children how to talk. Make sure your face is really close to your budgie when talking.
  • You could also try replying to your budgie when it makes sounds so as to encourage it.
  • Do not get angry if your budgie is slow to learning or is not responding. It is still going to pick up those words and talk.
  • Avoid punishing your budgie for saying a word wrongly. Budgies need to bond with their owners and feel secure. Punishing a budgie will make it scared.
  • You can reward your budgie by feeding it when it does a good job saying a word or phrase correctly.
  • One step at a time. Do not be quick to move on from basic words. Repeat until your pet budgie can easily say them.

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What Are Some Easy Words for Budgies to Learn?

When you wake up, try saying “Morning” to your budgie, or perhaps a “Hello.” When going to bed, a “Goodnight” will also be good to say. A “Thank you” when you feed it is also another easy word for it to learn.

Basically, it would be better to start with one-syllable or two-syllable words, as they are easier to learn. After it is familiar with those basic words, you can advance to three-syllable words like “Beautiful,” “Amazing,” or even phrases such as “How are you?”, “I’m fine,” “I’m hungry,” and so on.

One of the first words a budgie should be taught is its own name. Keep its name short and simple. For example, “Harry,” “Suzy,” and “Pixie” are great names for budgies.

When Do Budgies Start Chirping?

It is quite natural for budgies to make a lot of noise. In fact, they are one of the noisiest species of birds. Budgies generally chirp when they are happy.

They could be happy because they like what they hear, maybe a favorite sound of theirs or hearing their owners talk, or what they see, perhaps a show they like is on display.

If there is also noise in the room it is in, a budgie would chirp or make some noise to try and keep up with it. A budgie might also chirp when it is trying to communicate with a human.

Are Budgies Happy When They Talk?

Yes, budgies are happy when they talk. Just like human beings, budgies feel a lot of emotions and have different means of expressing these emotions they feel. They can be happy, sad, hungry, or depressed.

Other than chirping and whistling, talking is another display of happiness for budgies. There are several reasons your budgie is happy and talking. The budgie may be:

  • Content with the food it is given.
  • Comfortable with its surroundings.
  • Enjoying the attention, it is provided with.
  • Playing with its toys.
  • Having a pleasant time.

Are Budgies Happy When They Talk

How Many Words Can a Budgie Say?

A budgie can master a vocabulary of over a thousand words! A budgie called Puck presently holds the record for being able to speak 1,728 words.

So, do not underestimate your little budgie and keep teaching it as many words as you want it to learn. You must take the teaching process slowly and gradually develop it when it is right to do so.

Are Budgies Good Talkers?

Budgies are the best talking kind of parrots in the world. Male budgies are better talkers when compared to the female budgies that talk less. Some female budgies end up not talking at all.

Male budgies are capable of having larger vocabularies and developing them faster too. Unlike their female buddies that talk slowly, male budgies talk faster.

Naturally, budgies make lots of sounds. With the right supervision, a budgie can have conversations with its owner and even other sets of humans.

Can Budgies Talk Like Humans?

Budgies learn how to talk by simply imitating human speech. According to a study, budgies are the first set of non-humans that is capable of understanding grammar.

Although they might not speak as clearly as humans do, their speech is still quite easy to understand. A budgie might not understand what it is saying.

Just like newborn babies, budgies talk because of the affection they receive when they do or because their owners are happy. They start off slow and with some difficulty. However, with persistence, they pick up the words they are taught.


Budgies are perfectly capable of learning and understanding human speech. As a pet budgie owner, you must develop a good bond with your pet budgie; make sure it is really comfortable with you around. Try to teach your budgie how to talk from a young age. Be patient with it. Accommodate its flaws during the teaching process and encourage it when it says a word properly. And remember, not all budgies talk.