Can a Budgie Get a Cold? {9 Possible Signs}

Are you wondering if budgies can get colds just like us?

Is it something to be worried about? In this article, I will discuss everything related to a budgie catching a cold.

Can a Budgie Get a Cold?

Yes, budgies can catch a cold too. Cold in budgies is accompanied by symptoms like sneezing and coughing. It is usually during the cold weather and windy atmosphere that budgies get cold.

Now that you know that budgies can get a cold, you might want to know, how can you identify if your budgie has a cold? Let’s find out!

Can a Budgie Get a Cold

How Can You Tell If Your Budgie Has a Cold?

Budgies behave differently when they have a cold. Let’s look at some common signs that your budgies can show if they have a cold.

1. Sneezing and Coughing

One of the common signs to tell if your budgie has a cold is to see if they are sneezing and coughing often. Budgies sneeze and cough differently than humans. You will see your budgie making unusual sounds similar to screeching or squawking.

2. Runny or Blocked Nose

Another sign to tell if your budgie has a cold is to check if your budgie has a runny or blocked nose. When a budgie has a cold, sneezing and coughing might be accompanied by a runny nose. You may also see that a budgie’s nostrils are blocked or its cere giving out a dried nasal discharge.

3. Sleeping a lot

Is your budgie sleeping a lot lately? If yes, it’s a sign that your budgie is ill or has a cold. Unwell budgies spend most of their time sleeping, especially during the daytime.

4. Fluffy

Budgies get fluffy when they have a cold. It means that they fluff their feathers together to keep themselves warm. Fluffy budgies get motionless and abstain from flying.

5. Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is another sign that may indicate that your budgie has a cold. Budgies usually have a good appetite, and they love eating. However, there’s a need to worry if there is a sudden loss of appetite in budgies.

6. Spending More Time at the Bottom of the Cage

If your budgies are not moving around the cage or flying, it’s a matter of concern. Budgies spend the most time at the bottom of their cage when they are unwell.

7. Sunken Eyes

Another sign to tell if your budgies have a cold or any other illness is to check their eyes. If their eyes look sunken, cloudy, droopy, or appear yellowish or pale, there’s a high possibility that they are sick.

8. Fluttering Feathers Often

If your budgie is fluttering its feathers often, it means your budgie has a cold. Budgies flutter their feathers when they have a cold to keep themselves warm.

9. Problem in Breathing

You will find your budgie out of breath and facing problems in breathing if it has a cold. It is because the nostrils get blocked when a budgie develops cold.

Can Budgies Develop Other Illnesses from a Cold?

Yes, budgies can develop other illnesses from a cold. Unlike humans, cold in budgies don’t get self-cured after a few days.

It might get chronic or lead to other diseases if not given antibiotics on time. In some cases, it might also prove to be fatal.

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Some other illnesses that budgies can develop from cold are:

Respiratory Tract Infections

Budgies can suffer upper or lower tract infections from a cold. Your budgie will feel weak and get breathless quickly if it has a respiratory tract infection.


Hypothermia is another condition that budgies can get from a cold. It happens when the average body temperature of a budgie drops drastically. The common symptoms of hypothermia are excessive shivering, drowsiness, and weak pulse.


Sinus infection or sinusitis can also occur in budgies due to the cold. In this disease, budgies experience puffy eyes and a runny nose.


Budgies might also get a fever because of the cold. Budgie fever isn’t only harmful to them but is also infectious for humans and other birds and animals.

Do They Catch Cold Easily?

Budgies are sensitive to extremely cold weather. If the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, there are high chances of a budgie getting cold.

How Do They Catch a Cold?

Budgies can get cold if there is a sudden drop in temperature as budgies are susceptible to extremely cold temperatures. Although budgies can’t tolerate excess heat, they need some warmth to stay calm and disease-free.

Other reasons behind how your buddies catch cold are:

  • If their cage is left outside overnight in winters
  • If they are exposed to wind/drafts
  • Due to bacterial infection

Interesting Fact: Wild budgies do not catch a cold easily as they are resistant to tolerate extreme weather conditions.

Anything I Can Do to Preventing Them Getting Cold?

There are many precautions you can take to prevent your budgies from getting cold. Below are some valuable tips that can save a budgie from getting cold.

Using Cage Covers

Using cage covers in winters or when it is cold outside is an effective way to prevent your budgie from getting a cold.

Using Cage Heaters

There are many cage heaters available in the market that you can consider buying to keep your budgie warm.

Keeping Your Budgie Indoor

Make sure you don’t leave your budgie outdoor during the night or during winter.

Nutritious Diet

Providing a nutritious diet to budgies will boost their immunity and help them fight infections.