Can A Guinea Pig Survive A Broken Leg? {Is Surgery Necessary?}

Did your guinea pig break a leg? Are you wondering Can A Guinea Pig Survive A Broken Leg?

Are you certain and what should you do next?

In this article, we’ll find out if a guinea pig can survive and live a full life after suffering a broken leg.

Can A Guinea Pig Survive A Broken Leg?

Fractures may heal depending on their severity. Guinea pigs have small and sensitive bones that are fragile. A veterinarian must see your guinea pig and decide whether or not to splint the leg, surgically repair it or amputate. A guinea pig can survive with 3 legs with your help.

How Do Guinea Pigs Fracture A Leg?

A guinea pig has a high metabolism and loves to keep busy. They can suffer from a fracture when they:

  • run
  • explore
  • play
  • fall
  • are handled incorrectly
  • are injured in their enclosure
  • fight with cage mates
  • have claws that are too long

Legs, toes or even their spines could get fractured as a result. Long claws get caught in the bars of their cage. Wire bottom cages are not advised because of this.

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Broke A Leg?

The best bet is to take your guinea pig to the vet to get x-rays. It’s important to find out where the fracture is located and the necessary course of action.

Your guinea pig might show these signs:

  • depression
  • no movement
  • dragging hind legs
  • no bladder or bowel control

How Do I Treat My Guinea Pig With A Broken Leg?

Your guinea pig will endure pain and may stop eating. You may have to syringe feed your companion during this time.

Medication through painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed. Splinting or surgery will be decided upon by your vet. The bone may heal on its own or may need adjusting first.

You will need to be careful with your guinea pig who is now at a higher risk of reinjury. Hold your guinea pig gently to support its spine or injured leg. Offer a healthy diet with fresh vegetables and vitamins.

What Happens If A Guinea Pig Breaks A Leg?

Once you have determined that your guinea pig has broken a leg, the vet will make the next decision. The injured leg could be splinted or surgery will have to be performed.

Pins may be added to hold the fractured leg in place for the healing process to take effect. If you are unable to seek treatment right away, the broken leg may heal on its own incorrectly.

Amputation is another option that has to be considered. A guinea pig can survive and live a healthy life with an amputated leg.

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Can Guinea Pigs Recover From Broken Bones?

Sometimes a guinea pig’s broken leg can heal on its own with sufficient rest and a splint or bandage. The splint will help stabilize the leg.

If your guinea pig is stressed or cannot tolerate the bandaging, surgery may be the only other solution. Amputation or repair will be assessed depending on the severity of the break.

Can A Guinea Pig Survive A Broken Leg?

A guinea pig can get injured easily if mishandled. Accidents happen and clumsy guinea pigs may get hurt along the way. The veterinarian will determine if your guinea pig needs surgery or if the leg can heal on its own.

It will take time and further steps to make sure that the leg can be healed effectively. There could be a limp in the future or a full recovery may occur.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Dragging His Back Legs?

If you see your guinea dragging a leg or two, you may not have to think that it’s due to a fracture. There are other possibilities including a calcium deficiency.

Supplements are available to help restore calcium levels, but your veterinarian should approve of them first. There must be a definite conclusion that the cause of dragging the back legs is not due to an injury.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Limping?

Guinea pigs need vitamin C and cannot produce it naturally. Their back legs may weaken as a result. Help your guinea receive the calcium and vitamin C with supplementation and the following foods:

  • fresh vegetables
  • fruits
  • hay
  • pellets

Can A Guinea Pig Survive A Fall?

Guinea pigs are known to have sensitive and fragile bones. They are also clumsy and could be mishandled. Their larger sized bodies are supported by tiny limbs. This makes them prone to injury.

Many guinea pigs have fallen and survived, but others may not have been so fortunate. If you see your guinea pig limping, not moving, dragging his feet or refusing to eat, please go the the vet as soon as you can.

You do not want any broken bones to heal incorrectly and leave your guinea pig in prolonged pain. Without any treatment, your guinea pig may not survive or amputation of a limb will be the last option.
Guinea pigs are generally very fragile and they have tiny limbs that would break quite easily from a fall.


Guinea pigs may survive with a broken leg. There are many ways their limbs could be fractured and we cannot be the judge of the severity. We have to seek medical help for our guinea pigs.

X-rays will be able to prove the type of break and the next steps will be highlighted by a vet who has experience with guinea pigs. You will have to help a guinea eat or move around from one place to another if the broken leg doesn’t heal and needs to be amputated.

Although the limbs are fragile, your guinea pig could live through this ordeal and continue being your companion for years to come.


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