Can a Budgie Get Constipated? {Everything You Need To Know}

Are you worried that your budgie is constipated? Has the thought of a budgie getting constipated ever crossed your mind?

In this article, you will be finding out if a budgie can get constipated and how to care for them if they do.

Can a Budgie Get Constipated? Yes, a budgie can get constipated.  This condition is rare in budgies but they do get it usually because of their diet.

Budgies, just like other pet birds,  rarely suffer from constipation. However, if you notice that your little buddy is finding it difficult to poop, then there is a high chance she is ill; a healthy budgie would rarely get constipation.

Constipation in your pet budgie can be very dangerous and could lead to death if not discovered on time. It is usually caused by several factors, which include lack of fiber in their diet, eating foods lacking water or oil content, and underlying diseases like gastroenteritis.

Can a Budgie Get Constipated

What Are The Signs of a Constipated Budgie?

If you are very close to your bird, you will be familiar with its usual behavior. Hence, if there are any changes, it will be effortless for you to notice.  Did you notice some unusual behavior in your bird, and you are not sure if it is constipation? Here are signs to look out for:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloated stomach
  • Difficulty in the elimination of waste

1. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is a symptom of many illnesses. However, If you notice your bird does not eat as much as before or is not eating at all, it could be suffering from constipation. When birds are unable to eliminate waste, they might find it difficult to eat even when they are hungry because they feel full already.

2. Bloated stomach

If you notice that the stomach of your little buddy is swollen, it could mean a lot of things, including constipation. When a budgie is unable to eliminate waste, the clogged poop inside the bird makes its stomach swell.

3. Difficulty in the elimination of waste

If you notice that your bird finds it challenging to relieve itself of poop, it is evident that your bird is suffering from constipation. Difficulty in the elimination of waste in birds is the last straw that draws the line between constipation and other diseases. The clogged waste blocks the anus and the excretory tract of the bird, making it difficult for the bird to relieve itself.

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How do you Treat a Constipated Budgie?

If your little cutie is constipated, dip a clean soft in warm water and use it to remove the clogged poop blocking the bird’s anus. When cleaning, be gentle so that you do not cause a tear that could lead to further complications such as infection.

After removing the clogged poop, feed the bird with drops of oil such as flax oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil. The oil makes bowel movement easy, which in turn it easy for them to relieve themselves.

If feeding the bird with oil does not help as fast as you want, you can consider dropping some oil into the bird’s cloaca while holding it upside down. This allows the oil to enter the bird well.

Anything Else you can Do for Them?

After treating your bird for constipation, the next thing you should do is to observe your birds closely from time to time and practice preventive measures to ensure that it does not happen again.

Feeding your birds with fewer seeds or seeds with enough oil and water content, food rich in fiber, juicy fruits, vegetables, and multivitamins to prevent your birds from getting Can a budgie get constipated.

Have you Seen a Constipated Budgie Before?

Ensure that there is always enough clean water for the birds to drink. When they eat without taking enough water, the food will become dried and clogged inside them, making it difficult to eliminate.

Clean and sterilize the birdcage and feeders regularly to prevent the birds from getting gastrointestinal infections such as gastroenteritis which also causes constipation in buddies.

Enough exercise is another excellent way to prevent constipation. Taking your birds out for regular exercise helps to ease their bowel movement. It limits the amount of water their bowel absorbs from the food, which reduces clogging.

Why do Budgies Get Constipated?

Birds that do not exercise regularly are prone to constipation. Exercise limits the absorption of water that causes clogging, and it aids the easy movement of waste in the body. So, if your birds do not exercise at all or enough, the food inside them will clot, and it becomes hard for them to relieve themselves.

Gastroenteritis is an infection of the intestine that paralyzes the stomach and leads to difficulty in the elimination of waste.  Gastroenteritis also causes vomiting and information of the stomach.

Lack of fiber, oil, and water content in food can also cause constipation: Fibre, oil, and water content bowel movement. If your bird lacks them in their food, it leads to clogging, which causes difficulty in waste elimination.

Why Has my Budgie Got a Dirty Bum?

Budgies are hygienic creatures that clean themselves, especially if you keep water for them. However, dirty bum in budgies can be caused by eating plenty of fruits, diarrhea, and other diseases.

The bum of a healthy budgie is always clean, and the bird’s normal droppings keep it that way. Regardless, Liquid droppings or very hard droppings caused by diarrhea and other illnesses can cling to the feathers around the anus region of the bird, causing it to be dirty.

For you to clean the dirty bum, you need clean, wet cotton to wipe the area. When cleaning, make sure to clean from top to bottom to ensure that no poo is left clinging to any part of the feather. Budgies are sensitive to soap. Hence, use only clean water— do not add anything to the water.


Your budgie can suffer constipation, but the good thing is that it can be treated. If you notice your budgie is constipated, you can treat it using the methods mentioned above. After treating your budgie, it is advisable to see a veterinary doctor to check and see if other underlying sicknesses caused constipation.