Can Gerbils Eat Hamster Food? Is It Safe For Them

Can Gerbils Eat Hamster Food

Gerbils and hamsters are small-sized rodents that are very simular. They have identical behavioral and physical characteristics and features, But can gerbils eat hampster food?

Gerbils cannot feed on hamster pellets or mix. They can only feed on the same vegetables and fruits as they have a similar taste for fruits and veggies. You also have to wash the fruits and veggies to wash off dirt and chemicals before feeding them.

Is Gerbil Food the Same as Hamster Food?

Gerbil food is not the same as hamster food, it might look very similar but they both have different levels of vitamins and minerals that gerbils and hamsters need for a balanced diet.

Generally gerbils need less protein in their food and a lower fat content than hamsters.  You can feed gerbils hamster foods but only for a small period of time.

The differences in gerbils diet requirements compared to a hamster are listed below

Protein Requirements

An adult gerbil will require the food they eat to contain between 10% – 12% protein whilst a hamster requires 12% – 24%.  Hamster food can contain up to twice the amount of protein that a gerbil will need.

Fat Requirements

An adult gerbil will require the food they eat to contain between 3% – 4% fat whilst a hamster requires 3% – 6%.  Hamster food contains slightly more fat and should be ok for your gerbil to consume for a small amount of time.

Will Gerbils Become Ill Eating Hamster Food?

Gerbils and hamsters share similar food tastes and feed on each other’s fruits and veggies without any trouble or sign of illness. But there are Hamsters’ pellets and mix that gerbils should not eat. These foods can cause health problems for your gerbil, so you should avoid them at all costs.

Rhubarbs and grapes are examples of the foods you should not feed your gerbil as they are poisonous to rodents. Also, avoid feeding them too much of some seeds because they contain too much fat and cause obesity. Try not to feed them with food containing high water content as gerbils do not need much water in their body system.

What Food Should I Feed My Gerbil?

Gerbils have similar nutritional needs as hamsters.  It is important to feed gerbils a balanced diet and the best way to do this is to feed them all in one gerbil food (Which you can get on Amazon)

They can both feed on similar fruits and veggies, but not the same special mix or pellets. Here are some foods both rodents can feed on;

  • Fruits : Gerbils and hamsters have similar fruit taste. The rodents will both feed on apple fruit, but you will have to remove the seeds for them. They will also feed on pears as it is highly nutritional.

Gerbils and hamsters will also eat melon, but you have to prepare it very well for them to avoid choking. They can also feed on bananas, but you have to be careful of giving them too much because of their high carb level. These rodents will even eat any berry humans can eat, ranging from blackberries to blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, etc.

  • Vegetables : Hamsters and gerbils have almost the same taste for vegetables. They can both feed on celery, but you have to watch the quantity you feed to them because of the high-water content. They also feed on carrots and cucumber, but you should avoid overfeeding them.

Fennels are good vegetables for hamsters and gerbils, but you have to feed them with moderation. Pumpkins also make an excellent vegetable for the rodents, but you have to feed them in moderation.

Gerbils cannot feed on a hamster’s pellet or mix, so they might not have the same primary food. You have to feed fruits to these rodents occasionally to avoid causing health problems for them. Feed it to them 2 to 3 times a week as supplements for their main diets, dry seeds, and vegetables.


Gerbils and hamsters are rodents with similar physical characteristics and a similar taste for food. They share almost the same fruits and vegetables but have few exceptions due to body demands. Make sure you feed your gerbil with adequate nutrition to ensure a good state of health.