Can gerbils swim? Are They Good Swimmers?

can gerbils swim

Studies have shown that Gerbils are dull creatures. Many pet owners even think that swimming will be a good source of fun for them. But in reality, they don’t have much cause to swim except in an emergency. So can gerbils swim?

Gerbils can swim but they dislike swimming and will avoid it at all costs.  If they do find themselfs in water they will do everything they can to get out of the water.

However, if they find themselves in water, they will do everything possible to get out of the water. Gerbils are desert species. They live in the desert, and their natural habitat is dry and arid.

Are gerbils good swimmers?

Gerbils are not naturally good swimmers because of the way their body is structured. However, they can swim for survival when they have no other choice. If you force a gerbil into the water, it will go through a lot of stress which might affect its mental health.  In fact, they may get sick when they stay wet for a long time.

How do gerbils swim?

The swimming method of gerbils is called the doggy paddle style. Although this method of swimming is not as effective as others since they have small paws. The size of paws plays a vital role in how long the animal can stay in the water. Bigger paws mean longer time, and smaller paws mean shorter time in the water.

Can baby gerbils swim?

Because of the nature of their body, baby Gerbils cannot swim. The ability to swim often comes at a later stage in their development, and they keep on learning this skill over time.

In a lot of cases, the baby gerbils grow and learn to swim in the dust more than they swim on land. The shortness of their paws poses great difficulty in their ability to swim in the water. And as a result, they cannot swim for a long time.

Even if they learn how to swim in the wild, it is often very difficult to encounter them swimming, except something is going wrong in the environment, or they encounter water suddenly.

Do Gerbils swim in the wild?

Gerbils swim in the wild only when they encounter water. Animals generally know how to swim because they are in the wild, they can only be taught to swim in captivity by people. Since water is part of the natural habitat of Gerbils, they know how to swim. However, you can hardly see one swimming.

Which species of gerbils rarely swim, especially in the wild?

There is a species of Gerbils that you rarely find swimming. This species is the Mongolian Gerbil. They are found in dry and arid environments with grasslands having no trees or even water.

In this kind of environment, there is almost no water. Hence, you will hardly see any gerbils swimming. Moreover, Mongolia is also a cold country and most of the body of water is layered with ice. Several species of Gerbils live in other regions. So even if they can swim, they rarely do.

What happens if a gerbil gets wet?

Since they are small creatures, they can easily get hypothermia if they get wet. However, if you have them in captivity, you should endeavor to get them wet often. Besides, if they get wet as a result of a bath, they should be dried off immediately and kept warm.

How to avoid gerbils from getting wet?

Avoid giving your Gerbils unnecessary baths. When you immerse them in water for any reason; maybe to bath them or have fun with them, you should make sure you clean and dry them afterwards. This is to prevent them from getting hypothermic and to avoid losing them to death.

Can you bathe gerbils in the water?

Most gerbils love to have a good sand bath instead of a water bath. Frequent water baths could lead to your gerbils getting hypothermic which could be fatal. However, with a sand bath, instead of having your gerbil standing in water, it stands on the sand and rolls against it.

Why do Gerbils need bathing?

The main reason why they love sand bathing is that the sand helps to absorb all the grease and dirt in their fur. Sand is very effective when it comes to the trapping of fleas, mites, and grease from their fur.

When they have a proper sand bath, they will be comfortable enough to roll on their back without fear of slipping.

Do Gerbils like cold water?

Gerbils ideally do not like cold water. That is why they prefer sand baths. When they are in the wild, they consume very little water. They do not like their water cold. Instead, they prefer taking their water in ambiance temperature.

Do they need cold water?

Gerbils do not need cold water to survive. Sometimes gerbils take cold water for their body temperature to be moderate. However, regular intake of cold water could lead to these pets falling ill on your watch. As a pet owner, you need to be careful and watch what your pets consume.

Does swimming in water make Gerbils stressed?

You should know that Gerbils can swim. However, they only swim when they do not have any other choice. If you force a gerbil to swim, they will likely experience a lot of stress. The kind of stress Gerbils experience when they are forced to swim is not good for their overall well-being. And when they are exposed to water for too long, they will end up getting sick.

Gerbils also have short paws. So, swimming for a long period may be difficult for them. They could eventually drown in the process. Since they are desert creatures, water is a rare source for them. They do not need too much water to survive.

These rodents are used to the dry environment and will only swim when the need arises. To avoid unnecessary stress on Gerbils, keep them on dry land and give them sand baths. By doing this, your pets will live longer and happier.