Can You Put a Canary with a Budgie? {Do They Get On}

Are you planning to put a canary and a budgie together? Is it a good idea to put a canary with a budgie? In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about putting canaries and budgies together.

Can You Put a Canary with a Budgie? Yes, you can keep a canary and a budgie together, it is recommended to keep them in a large cage and montior them closely over the first few days to make sure they are getting on.

Although you can put a canary with a budgie, it’s not a good idea unless you have a vast enclosure.

People with large aviaries are known to keep budgies and canaries together successfully. But if you have a regular cage, keeping the two birds together can be problematic.

Now that you know that you can keep a canary with a budgie with certain risks involved, you might be wondering if the two birds will get along? Let’s find out!

Can You Put a Canary with a Budgie

Will they Get On?

We have come across certain instances where budgies and canaries get along. However, it’s unlikely for a budgie and canary to get along in most cases because of the following reasons.

  • Budgies and canaries have different temperaments. While budgies are social and talkative, canaries usually love being alone.
  • It’s possible for a budgie to attack a canary. Budgies are larger than canaries and more aggressive and territorial. They can fight with canaries over food, water and bully them in general.
  • Canaries are bad at defending themselves as they have soft beaks. In contrast, budgies can peck and bite canaries with their hookbills.
  • Even if they get along, there could be an issue with air quality. Canaries are allergic to the white powder produced by the feathers of budgies.

Since budgies and canaries don’t go along well, what do you need to look out for?

What Do You Need to Look Out For?

If you are planning to keep a budgie and canary together, make sure you take note of the following.

  • It would help make sure the cage is big enough for both the birds to freely move and stretch their wings. Keeping them in a cage smaller than 30ft is a bad idea, and it should be avoided.
  • Keep different food and water bowls for the birds to make sure they don’t fight over food and water.
  • Put enough toys inside the cage as both budgies and canaries love playing with toys.
  • Separate the two birds immediately if you find both the birds fighting or hurting each other.
  • Keep both the birds in different cages until they get used to each other. You can place their cages close by to help them get friendly before shifting them into the same cage.

Take Note: Always quarantine your birds for a month before keeping them together. Failing to do this might lead to diseases and different birds catching infections from each other.

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Can Budgies and Canary Eat the Same Food?

No, budgies and canaries have different diet requirements. While canaries are mostly served seeds, a mainly seed-rich diet can cause weight gain, tumors, and fatty liver diseases in budgies.

Budgies should be given a few millet seeds, pellets, and some fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, canaries require grit/gravel as a part of their diet. But it is something that is unhealthy for budgies.

Are Budgies and Canaries the Same?

No, budgies and canaries are two different types of birds. Let’s see how these two birds are different.

  • While budgies belong to the parrot family, canaries belong to the finch family.
  • In terms of size, canaries are smaller than budgies.
  • Buddies are social birds that can talk, while canaries are songbirds that love spending time alone.
  • Both budgies and canaries have different beaks. Budgies have hookbills, while canaries have soft beaks.
  • It is believed that canaries are primarily yellow in color, but you can also find red, green, blue, and orange canaries. On the other hand, budgies are mostly green or colorful.

What Birds Can be Kept with Budgies?

Although it’s best to keep budgies with other budgies, you can try keeping them with zebra finches, cockatiels, lorikeets, and parakeets.

  • You can keep a budgie with other budgies. It’s advisable to keep two male budgies or a male and a female budgie together. However, avoid keeping two female budgies together as they are aggressive.
  • Budgies and zebra finches go along well as they both are native to Australia. In most cases, budgies and zebra finches will mind their own business without noticing each other for days. Zebra finches are also better at protecting themselves from budgies as compared to canaries.
  • If you plan to keep a budgie and cockatiel together, make sure you have enough space. Putting a budgie and cockatiel together in a small cage can lead to fights. The same goes with keeping budgies with lorikeets and parakeets.