Do Budgies Need Sunlight? {Does It Keep Them Healthy}

Are you thinking about putting your budgie cage near the window and I wondering do budgies need sunlight.

Is sunlight good or bad for budgies, can they get too much sun light?

So do budgies need sunlight? Yes, it has been proven that frequent sunlight is required to keep your budgie happy and healthy.

If your budgie does not get enough sunlight they are likely to develop health and emotional issues.

Do Budgies Like Sun Light?

Yes budgies love sunlight, they love to bathe in the sun and this will keep them happy which in turn will help them to stay healthier.

Do Budgies Need Sunlight

Sunlight will also produce vitamin D for your budgie.

The best way for your budgie to access sunlight is to move their cage outside, make sure you place a towel over half of the cage so your budgie can go into shade if they wish.

Never place your budgie in direct sunlight without any available shade.

If your budgies cage is near the window make sure they have shade available in the cage all day long

Do Budgies Need Direct Sun Light?

Budgies will need direct sunlight to absorb vitamin D, but direct sunlight is not required to keep them happy.

When your budgies are in direct sunlight they should always have access to shade just in case they are uncomfortable with the sun light.

It is recommended that your budgie does not have direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes a day.

How Long Can Budgies Be In The Sun

Almost all budgies only require 10 minutes of sun a day to keep them happy.

You should never place them in direct sunlight especially at peak hours during the day. even when your budgie is not in direct sunlight you need to consider the temperature as it could be too hot for them even when they are in shade.

A budgies ideal temperature is between 70 – 75 degrees.

Do Budgies Get Heat Stroke?

Yes, budgies do get heat stroke, they are also more sensitive to direct sunlight then we are and they will overheat very quickly.

[youtube v=”vbdHH-iHsbg”]

Budgies should not be in direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes at any one time, if they are then they are highly likely to get a heat stroke depending on how hot the sun is.

If you noticed your budgie is frequently holding their wings away from their body then this is the first sign they are overheating. They try to flap their wins to cool themselves down.

Can Artificial Light Replace Sun Light?

Yes, artificial lighting can replace sunlight will help your budgie to stay happy and healthy.

But, bright natural sunlight is best for your budgie.

If you are using artificial lighting make sure that the light is not located close to the budgies cage and also make sure they can not at any wires as they will love to chew the wires.

Is UV Light Good For Budgies

Yes, UV light is also good for budgies as it will keep them happy and healthy and encourage them to exercise more.

The UV will also help the budgie produce vitamin D which will help keep the budgie healthy.

UV lighting is a good alternative if your budgie does not have access to direct sunlight.