Do Guinea Pigs Go Into Heat? {What Should I Do?}

Are you wondering if female guinea pigs go into heat?

How can you tell and what should you do?

In this article, we’ll discuss the topic of sexual maturity in guinea pigs going into heat.

Do Guinea Pigs Go Into Heat?

Yes. Female guinea pigs go into heat every 13-21 days after they reach about 2 months of age. This last for 14-19 days until they are about 5 years old.

How Can You Tell When A Guinea Pig Is In Heat?

The frequency of a guinea pig going into heat happens usually every 13-21 days, but it may fall slightly outside of that range.

When a female guinea pig is in heat, you can observe some of the signs below:

  • chasing cage mates
  • swaying her rear end
  • low-pitched sounds
  • arching of the back
  • elevating her behind
  • swollen vulva
  • increase in activity

The heat cycle lasts about 2-3 weeks, meaning that a mature female constantly goes in and out of this period, but her most receptive moment for breeding usually lasts about half a day.

When Do Guinea Pigs Reach Sexual Maturity?

It takes about 3-4 months for a guinea pig to mature to the point of going into heat. Males may also be ready to mate at this time.

If you have opposite sexes in the same enclosure, they may begin breeding. If a female hasn’t given birth after about 8 months, her likelihood to bare offspring diminishes.

Her hip bones get closer together and if she gets pregnant later on, there might be a need to perform a caesarean section.

How Often Are Female Guinea Pigs In Heat?

A female guinea pig may go into heat every 2-3 weeks. She usually has a short 6-12 hour window for breeding. This is usually something that occurs at night.

A male is ready to mate at any point when a female is in heat and may become aggressive against others who interfere. He may seek to protect the female he has bonded with during this time.

Do Female Guinea Pigs Bleed When They Are In Heat?

The estrus (oestrus) cycle is different in guinea pigs even though they share many of the same sexual qualities as other mammals.

The main difference is that female guinea pigs do not bleed during their estrus cycle or while they are pregnant. Bleeding would be a sign of a complication and medical care would be needed from a professional.

How Does A Male Guinea Pig Behave In Heat?

Males do not technically go into heat. Once they reach sexual maturity at 4-5 months in age, they are ready to mount a female when she presents herself in heat.

There are courtship rituals and rites of passage in groups of male guinea pigs for the right to mate with a female.

Aggression is the most common behavioral trait, but a male will also get clingy and protective of her bonded female counterpart during this time.

What Should I Do When A Guinea Pig Is In Heat?

Breeding guinea pigs in your home is not recommended in most cases. The commitment during this time involves special care to reduce health problems or even death from complications.

The guinea pig population is already quite high and breeding them is not necessary. The following suggestions are commonly recommended within the guinea pig community.

  • Separate males from females when they are in heat. 
  • Keep males away from baby guinea pigs to ensure their safety. 
  • Neuter your male guinea pig. 

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What Month Do Guinea Pigs Go Into Heat?

The estrus cycle is a period of time when a female guinea pigs is fertile. She is able to go into heat every 2-3 weeks.

Spring season is the most common time to witness guinea pigs mating in the wild. The opportunity to mate successfully is usually limited to a 6-12 hour window during this time.

Do Guinea Pigs Have Period Menstruation?

The heat cycle or estrus cycle occurs multiple times a year. There are different stages, but it’s safe to say that female guinea pigs do not bleed during this time.

Ovulation happens spontaneously when a female guinea pig is fertile. She may get closer to males at this time or even try to unsuccessfully mate with a female.

Should I Adjust The Temperature For A Pregnant Guinea Pig?

The temperature range of 64-73°F is where guinea pigs feel the most comfortable. A pregnant female may experience complications when the temperature drops below 60°F.

Anything above 78°F may induce labor or heatstroke. Colder gusts of air reduces much needed blood flow during this time.


If you notice your guinea pig acting unusual, it may be a sign of going into heat. A female will increase her energy level, flaunt her rear-end and elevate or arch her back. If her vulva is swollen, you can be sure that she is in heat.

This may last 2-3 weeks and the cycle will continue from there on every 13-21 days. She will not bleed or menstruate the way many mammals do.

Her male counterpart will be ready for the brief mating window during this estrus cycle which usually last about half a day. The lights are off and the magic usually happens at night.

Breeding guinea pigs is not recommended and separating the sexes during this time is a better option to not increase an already overpopulated guinea pig species. There are usually guinea pigs available in your area if you are looking to add more to your home.


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