Do Male Budgies Sit on Eggs? {Do They Help Out}

Have you ever seen a male budgie sitting on eggs?

Is it normal for a male budgie to sit on eggs? In this article, I will cover everything related to whether male budgies can sit on eggs.

Do Male Budgies Sit on Eggs? Yes, The male budgie will help out by sitting on eggs but it will be the female who will typically spend more time sitting on them.

It’s rare to see male budgies sitting on eggs. It’s mostly the female budgies that sit on the next and keep them warm or incubate the eggs. While male budgies mostly take up the nesting role to take care of the mother and babies.

Now that you know that in some rare cases, male budgies do sit on eggs, you might wonder how long they sit on the eggs for? Let’s find out!

How Long Do They Sit on the Eggs for?

Male budgies rarely sit on the eggs. It’s usually the female budgies that keep sitting on the eggs throughout the incubation period of 18 to 23 days.

Do Male Budgies Sit on Eggs

Nonetheless, you can see a male budgie sitting on the eggs for a few hours during the daytime to give the female some rest as she sits on the eggs the whole night.

Can Male Budgies Sit on the Eggs All the Time?

No, male budgies cannot sit on the eggs all the time. Sitting on eggs all the time is something that female budgies do. Even if, in some cases, male budgies sit on the eggs, it’s only for a few hours or even less. They usually sit on eggs when:

1. Female Goes Out:

In some rare cases, you can see a male budgie sitting on the eggs when the female is not around or has gone out to poop or drink water. The male budgie may not necessarily sit on the eggs but sit beside them to guard them.

2. When the Budgies Take Turn:

In a few cases, the male and the female budgies take turns sitting on the eggs. While in some unusual circumstances, when the eggs are more, both male and female budgies sit on the eggs.

3. To Give the Mother Rest:

Male budgies usually sit on the eggs when the female needs some rest, mainly during the afternoon.

Is It Ok for the Male Budgies to Sit on the Eggs?

Yes, it’s alright for male budgies to sit on the eggs. However, the females usually perform this role as the male budgies have other duties to perform during the incubation period. Instead of sitting on the eggs, male budgies are seen performing the following responsibilities more.

Feeding the Female:

A Male budgie becomes caring towards the female budgie during the incubation period. You will see the male budgie feeding food to the female budgie as she sits on the eggs.

Taking Care of the Babies:

Male budgies also keep an eye on the nest to protect the mother and the babies. He also remains around the nesting box when the female goes out for pooping.

Do the Male Budgies go into the Nesting Boxes?

Yes, the male budgies go into the nesting boxes for different reasons. Some of the common reasons for which male budgies enter the nest are:

Helping the Female:

Female budgies become extremely alert when they are pregnant. They don’t let the male budgies enter the nest. However, male budgies are allowed to enter the nesting boxes once the eggs are laid to help the female feed her, keep the nest clean, and take care of the babies when she is not around.

In some cases, male budgies go into the nesting boxes just to spend time with the female budgie. They may also enter the nest for mating if there are no eggs.

Feeding the Babies:

Another reason to enter the nest is to feed the babies once they are born.

Pecking the Eggs:

In some weird instances, you will see the male budgies going inside the nest to peck the eggs or throw them out of the nest. Some budgie owners have seen their male budgies hurting the eggs in some rare cases.