Can Gerbils Eat Grapes and Raisins

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Gerbils are naturally eat seeds of various grasses, a range of leaves and herbs, bulbs, etc. they also feed on several vegetables and fruits, but can gerbils eat grapes?

Gerbils can feed on grapes because they are nutritional for them. Gerbils will eat green, red, white, yellow, and black grapes like they eat other forms of fruits and vegetables.

However, you have to be careful while feeding grapes to your Gerbils as an excess of the fruit can affect the rodent. Although grapes can be harmful to rodents, you can provide them occasionally to your Gerbils due to various reasons.

Why Can Gerbils Eat Grapes?

Gerbils are rodents that feed on a wide range of herbs, leaves, legumes, fruits, etc. Grapes are not an exemption to this, but you have to be careful when feeding them with it. The grape is quite nutritional, making it a good meal for your Gerbils.

can gerbils eat grapes

Grapes contain enough fat and calories needed for the healthy growth of Gerbils. It includes a high carbohydrate level that ensures a constant flow of energy and protein that aids the growth and repair of worn-out cells. It also provides vitamins and minerals that help the Gerbil fight against diseases and infections.

Although the grape provides several nutrients for your Gerbil, you should ensure you only feed it to your Gerbil occasionally. Regularly or excess feeding of your Gerbil with grapes can cause diarrhea or cause a digestive problem. Note that this happens only when you feed it with too many grapes and not occasionally.

Are Grapes Poisonous to Gerbils?

Grapes are safe for your gerbils to eat when you feed them in the required quantity and can be poisonous if you overfeed them with it. Gerbils are natural eaters of these fruits, and it is just fine for them.

However, you might have to be cautious while feeding your Gerbils with grapes. It contains a high sugar level that might be dangerous for your pet when consumed in high quantities.

Do Gerbils Like Grapes?

It isn’t easy to ascertain if Gerbils like grapes or not. The only fact is that they eat it as well as they eat other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is safe to say Gerbils like grapes, and they like a blend of it in their diet.

How Often Can I Feed Gerbils Grapes?

It is best to feed Gerbils with grapes only once or twice a week. Exceeding this rate might do more harm to Gerbils than good. It contains a high level of sugar that can cause digestive problems and diarrhea to your pet.

How to Prepare Grapes for Your Gerbil

There are several ways to prepare grapes for Gerbils. This preparation aims to make it easier for Gerbils to eat and obtain maximum diet from grapes. Gerbils can eat grapes fresh, dried, frozen, or liquid.

Fresh Grapes: Fresh grapes is the most obvious way Gerbils eat grapes. It is also the easiest way to feed the fruit to them. The only thing you need to do is to pull the grape from the bunch and provide it to your pet as a whole. Alternatively, you can slice them to prevent your Gerbil from choking.

Dried Grapes: There are different species of dried grapes. The most common types are sultanas, currants, and raisins. The significant difference between these three is their mode of preparation. However, they are all nutritious, and Gerbils will eat anyone of them.

Frozen Grapes: Although it is a less common way of feeding grapes to Gerbils, it is a beautiful treat for your pet, particularly in hot weather. However, it is best to store grapes in your freezer for a short term before feeding them to your Gerbils.

Liquid Grapes: Liquid grapes are in two primary forms. Liquid grapes can either be in the form of grape juice or wine. Sadly, none of these two forms of liquid grapes is suitable for Gerbils, as you would expect. It is best to stick to the other preparation of grapes for your pets.

Can Gerbils Eat Other Grape Parts?

Yes. Gerbils do not only eat the fleshy part of grapes; they also eat other components, including grape skins, seeds, vines, and grapevine leaves. However, not all these parts are suitable for Gerbils.

Grape Skin : Gerbils will happily eat grape skin without thinking twice. It is entirely safe for them and highly nutritious.

Grape Seeds : Grape seeds are not bad for your Gerbils either. You can take them out if you want, but it won’t cause them any significant harm.

Grape Vines : Grape vines are ideal for Gerbils as an alternative food source. But it is essential to be careful if you are picking wild grapes.

Grape Vine Leaves : There is no good reason why you should feed Gerbils with grapevine leaves. It might not be very hygienic and safe for them.

Can Gerbils Eat Raisins?

Yes, Gerbils can eat raisins because it is tasty and chewy. Raisins are low in fat but high in vitamins and minerals. Also, they are high in calories.


Grapes are lovers of fruits and vegetables. Grapes are sweet, juicy, and nutritious for Gerbils; hence, making it a valuable addition to their diet. However, you should feed grapes to Gerbils with caution because it contains high sugar.