Why Is My Guinea Pig Hooting? What Does It Mean?

Guinea Pig Hooting

Do you know why guinea pig hoots? Have you noticed your guinea pig continuously hooting for some days? In this article, we will help you identify the causes of your guinea pig hooting and what are the best possible treatments for it.

Guinea pigs usually make a hooting noise when their airways are blocked. This is usually caused by an irritation, allergies or illness. A Guinea pigs airways are very narrow this causes them to hoot frequently.

Why is My Guinea Pig Making a Hooting Noise?

When your little pet hoots, it really sounds like an owl. There can be several reasons for your guinea pig hooting. Yes, they can also be concerning because hooting can be a sign of several health conditions.

The following are some basic reasons why your pet is hooting.

  • They can be hungry, damp, cold, sick, or lonely.
  • Air ways blocked
  • They may want improvement in their diet.
  • They may be craving some exercises.
  • They can be hungry for some hay.
  • They may be feeling discomfort because of an untidy cage.

Below is a video of what the hooting will sound like

YouTube video

Besides all these basic reasons, if your guinea pig is constantly making a hooting sound, it can be a symbol of heart and respiratory problems. In that case, you need to rush to the vet to have a complete checkup of your pet. Their doctor may suggest them certain medications to treat the problem.

The following are some signs other than hooting that show your little champ is facing a heart problem.

  • Loss of energy leads them to move less
  • Shallow breathing and gasping
  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Repeatedly having URIs or upper respiratory infection
  • Weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Pale or bluish mucous membrane color
  • Deep sleeping habit

The best solution to their hooting problem is that you take them to the vet soon after you catch them hooting for a couple of days.

Why is My Guinea Pig Hooting On and Off?

Some guinea pigs also hoot on and off. They may do this for the same reasons mentioned above or because of other reasons. In the case of heart conditions, their hooting will be persistent as well as you may observe a couple of other indications. If you don’t find these problems, then, for sure, your guinea pig does not have any heart problems.

On the other hand, they may hoot because of dry air, as this type of environment causes slight obstruction in their nose. For these reasons, you need to make sure that your humidifier is working properly. If you don’t have one, you can keep a bowl of steaming water near the cage. This can bring significant relief to your guinea pig.

Besides that, your guinea pig may have a respiratory problem because of getting cold. This can cause be slight chest tightness. You need to take them to the vet in this case. They will check their diet, ask you a couple of questions about your home’s environment, and recommend a few changes in their lifestyle. No matter what the problem is, you need to take your piggy’s on and off hooting sound seriously. While all of these issues are treatable, you need to take action at the right time.

What Does a Guinea Pig Symbolize?

Like other animals, the guinea pig also symbolizes different things. As for their sweet and loving nature, they are also a symbol of love. Not to mention, guinea pigs symbolize community and friendship. They force us to understand that getting support from like-minded people can help us in the time of need.

You will be surprised to know that guinea pigs are always trying to tell you about something. Even if you come across a guinea pig, it is an indicator that you need to stop being selfish and spread love. This also shows you that you need to be a little bit sweet while communicating with others and stop being always aggressive and furious. It means that you need to stop for a while and acknowledge the things you already have. Hence, it reminds you to be happy and spread happiness.

On the other hand, seeing these little fluffy pets in your dream can be an indicator of several things. Most of the meanings revolve around the emotional state of human beings. If you are craving love, seeing a guinea pig in your dream will force you to love yourself the way you want from others. This is also a sign of developing strong emotional behaviors. You also need to bring the right balance in your life once you see this pet in your sweet dreams. Lastly, it also emphasizes you become more attentive and responsible in your daily life.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Wheek?

Unlike hooting, wheeking is not an indication of a significant problem. A wheek can be an indication of the excitement for getting food, being able to play, or get the chance to let out of the cage. You can commonly hear your little champ wheeking when you feed them. Interestingly, they will start producing wheeking sounds when your guinea pigs only hear the sound of their favorite treat.

Moreover, when you play with them after several hours, they get extremely excited and wheek. A low wheek sound signifies that their habitat has changed, and you have forced them to leave their guinea pig buddy or owner. Although wheeking is not always a negative symbol, they can also do this because of feeling hungry. So, when you catch them wheeking, consider all the possibilities and make sure your piggy gets what they want.

Guinea pig hooting can be a sign of a heart or respiratory problem or an indication of their excitement and sadness. No matter what, you need to make sure that your piggy is getting everything that helps them feel happy and remain healthy.

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