How Far Can Guinea Pigs See? {Can They See Me?}

Do you wonder how far a guinea pig can see?

Do they have poor eyesight and can they recognize you?

In this article, we will discuss the topic of a guinea pig’s depth perception.

How Far Can Guinea Pigs See?

Typically guinea pigs can see around 3-5 feet away from them. Your guinea pig’s poor eyesight, may increases chances of injury in its enclosure. They rely on heightened senses of smell and hearing to compensate for their poor vision.

Can Guinea Pigs See Far Away?

Guinea pigs have their eyes set near the sides of their heads which present a challenge with seeing further than 3-5 feet.  What they lack in depth perception, they make up for it with a strong ability to notice sudden movements.

This feature seems to be more useful in their natural setting, but your fast movements could cause excitement or nervousness when they are unable to make out your shape and appearance from a distance.

Do Guinea Pigs Know Their Owners?

We prefer to be companions rather than owners of guinea pigs, but we won’t blame them for not noticing us sometimes. A guinea pig is more likely to notice your scent or sound over your appearance if you are further than 3-5 feet away.

Your presence is acknowledged and your scent is identified. Your sound is comforting and your appearance at close indicates that it’s time to bond or eat. You are vital to your guinea pig’s survival and you are definitely known by your companion.

What Is Guinea Pig Vision Like?

A guinea pig’s vision involves a few unique abilities that help or hinder it including:

  • IPS – Images per second
  • Panoramic view
  • Color
  • Clumsiness

IPS – Images per second

Human see 22 images per second, but guinea pigs are able to see 33 images per second. Guinea pigs turn their head rapidly to notice movements or threats without getting their nearby vision blurred.

Panoramic view

They can also see 340 degree views to help their chance of survival with predators looming. We can’t ask for a guinea pig to shut down its natural senses or reduce some since there is no danger. Any sudden or unknown sounds may startle or alarm your guinea pig.


Guinea pigs also see color. Studies indicate that they can tell differences between red, green and blue. Due to poor depth perception, these colors may blur at distances over 3-5 feet.


Guinea pigs can be clumsy. Be careful with ledges, high counters or tilted surfaces. Your guinea pig may not know how far away he or she is from the ground until it’s too late.

[youtube v=”yqt8tWEInRQ”]

Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Falling?

Your guinea pig might need a safer play and rest area. Try to relocate bowls, bottles and bedding in a way that is more spacious. The size of the cage may be too small.

Due to lacking depth perception, your guinea pig could be at risk of falling or getting hurt. Guinea pigs have been known to crash into walls or falling in exercise balls.

Play with your guinea pig on the floor to reduce any chances of it falling off the couch or a countertop. A sudden sound or movement could startle your guinea pig who could fall an unknown distance that it never knew was present.

Which Sense Is Strongest In A Guinea Pig?

Sight is not your guinea pig’s strongest sense. Even though they can see 33 images per second in a 340 degree view, the blurriness from a poor depth perception leaves this sense lacking behind their senses of:

  • sound
  • smell 


Rustling leaves and the breathing of a nearby threat or friendly companion can be heard by your guinea pig.

When he or she hears a subtle sound, you can notice your friend perking up and listening for more information.


The sense of smell is heightened with a higher significance in order to find food and recognize familiar objects, settings and creatures.

You will be recognized by your smell as much as your sound. Lean in closer if you want your face to be seen in a panoramic 340 degree view.

Can Guinea Pigs See Colors?

The answer to this question is proven to be true through studies showing how guinea pigs can distinguish colors apart from each other. The only stipulation is that they need to look at details closer than many animals.

If food is in the red bowl, they will be able to identify it even when bowls of other colors are moved around with it. They will approach the correct colored bowl to receive their reward.

Can Guinea Pigs See In The Dark?

Guinea pigs can find their way out of dark places by using other senses to guide them. They are able to see in the dark to a small degree, but they don’t need to isolate this sense alone or rely on it fully.

Guinea pigs are not blind in the dark, but their vision will be poor while their senses of smell and sound are heightened. They will learn their surrounding area with time and the dark will not hinder their movement.

Can My Guinea Pig See My Phone Screen?

Yes. Your guinea pig will realize the light is colorful and images are changing on your phone screen. The changes in brightness will be more captivating than trying to make out images.

If you are trying to show your guinea pig a picture of its possible relative in the wild, it may not be looking at the screen the same way you are to successfully make out what is being shown.


Guinea pigs can definitely see well enough within 3-5 feet, but things get blurry further than that. Although they can reply on their vision for wide views and sudden movements, they don’t need to depend solely on it to survive.

The scent and hearing capabilities of your guinea pig will help to compensate for its poor depth perception.


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