How Fast Can a Budgie Fly + How Long, Far, Will They Come Back?

Do you want to know how fast a budgie can fly? and how far away they can fly? can budgies fly for long?

Has your budgie just flown away and you are wondering if they will come back?

I will answer all of these questions in the article below.

How Fast Can a Budgie Fly?

A budgies top speed is approximately 10 m/s which they will achieve in open areas when they are cruising. They can go faster than 10 m/s but this would depend on factors such as wind speed.

If budgies are flying in areas that are cluttered they will typically fly at a top speed of 5 m/s. They need to fly at a lower speed because they need to perform moves such as turning and avoiding objects

How Fast Can a Budgie Fly

A budgie can fly faster than 10 m/s if they are flying in very windy conditions and they have a large wingspan that they use to cruise on the wind.

How Far Can Budgies Fly For?

A budgie can fly as far as 25 km in a single flight, but it is unusual for a budgie to fly long distances because they prefer to explore their local surroundings.

Budgies have been known to fly up to 500 kilometres a day in large flocks to migrate to warmer conditions.

Budgies thrive in temperatures of 20c and they will travel long distances when the weather gets cooler.

How Far Can Pet Budgies Fly For?

A pet budgie typically will not fly away if it has escaped its cage. A pet budgie will only be able to fly a few km because they are not used to flying long distances.

If your budgie has escaped it is most likely to be located close to home as they will most probably be exploring a nearby tree or bush.

How Long Can They Fly For?

A wild budgie will typically fly round 1 hour 5-6 times a day. They require frequent breaks to recover from the flying, They also require 12 hours sleep a day.

In extreme conditions a budgie can fly up to 12 hours a day.

Should I Let My Budgie Out To Fly?

Yes, it is recommended to exercise and socialise budgies everyday as this will help them to stay healthy.

It is important to make sure all windows and doors are closed when you let them out so they can not escape.

Below is a video showing people exercising their budgies.

[youtube v=”ePVHQvs8i5c”]

If you do not let your budgie out to exercise they will become overweight, unsocial and are more likely to develop illnesses and diseases.

Will My Budgie Come Back?

Typically budgies that have travelled further from their home will be harder to recaptcha, but they should return in time as they feel safe in their home.

If your budgie is frequently let out of their cage they should become more tame and used to you recapturing them I’m putting them back in the cage.

If your budgie is rarely let out of the cage they will be harder to recaptcha

Should I Let My Untamed Budgie Out?

Yes you should let your untamed budgie out of their cage as this will help to tame them and gain their trust. It will also give them much-needed exercise.

Be prepared for it to take a long time at first to catch them and put them back in the cage.

The process should get quicker over time.

How do I get my untamed budgie back in its cage? the best way to get an untamed budgie back into its cage is try to make him relaxed by turning the light down and also eliminating any loud noises.

Also when you approach them make slow movements as this is less likely to cause any stress on the budgie.

You should never try to catch the budgie with any objects such as a net is this wall stress out the budgie I will make it harder to recapture the budgie in the future.