What Does it Mean When my Budgie Closes His Eyes?

Have you noticed that your budgie is frequently closing his eyes?

Are you worried there is something wrong with your budgie and they’re possibly ill?

Is this something you need to be worried about?

What does it mean when my budgie closes his eyes? If he is closing his eyes when you are around him this means that the budgie is comfortable with you and trust you enough to close their eyes.

If your budgie is frequently closing their eyes it could also be a sign of illness which I will cover below.

What Does It Mean When My Budgie Closes His Eyes?

If your budgie is closing his eyes this could be for many different reasons which include

  • Feeling Comfortable
  • Sleeping
  • Sick
  • Scared

What Does it Mean When my Budgie Closes His Eyes

Feeling Comfortable

If your budgie closes their eyes when you are stroking them, handling them or talking to them this is a good sign they trust you and feel comfortable with your presence.

If you stroke them or talk to them for a long period of time it’s common for the budgie to fall asleep.


This is an obvious one, budgies sleep with both eyes closed, so it is possible that they are sleeping. A typical budgie requires 10 to 12 hours of sleep a day


If your budgie is closing their eyes for most of the day this could be a sign that they are sick. they will close their eyes in an effort to rest to try to recover.

if you think that your budgie is sick check out this article I wrote about what signs you need to look out for.


Budgies will also close their eyes when they are scared, typically they will find a hiding place in their cage and they will hang out there with their eyes closed.

If you think your budgie is scared try putting towel over their cage for an hour or two as this will help to calm them down.

What Does it Mean When a Budgie Squints?

If your budgie is squinting this is a clear sign that your budgie is either feeling unwell or is in pain.

A squinting budgie does not necessarily mean that they have an issue with their eye, they could have an issue with any body part.

If you notice your budgie is squinting take a look at their pupil size, if the pupils are larger than normal this is an indicator that your budgie is not feeling well and you should take them to the vet.

What Does It Mean When My Budgie Keeps One Eye Closed?

If your budgie is constantly closing one of their eyes this is a sign that eye is feeling uncomfortable.

The most likely cause is something caught inside the eye or an eye infection.

If it is an eye infection you should see some puss coming out of the eye.

Sometimes the budgie will heal himself, if they do not start to open their eyes after one day take them to the vets to get looked over.

I would not recommend that you try to look at the eye yourself.