What Size Running Wheel Does a Gerbil Need? And What Type?

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Do you notice your gerbil is nervous and uncomfortable around the size wheel you provided? Are you worried the wheel is too small and can probably affect your gerbil? In this article, you will learn in detail about the size of the wheel that suits your gerbils and more.

For an average sized gerbil you should get a running wheel of about 8 inches in diameter, as it is a suitable size for them to run in.

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Do Gerbils Need a Running Wheel?

Running wheels are beneficial to gerbils as they serve as an exercise medium. They allow gerbils to fulfil their daily activities and exercise requirements. It is essential to allow your gerbil to take part in exercises.

The running wheel should be of appropriate size because small running wheels make it difficult for the gerbil to play. Large running wheels can also be difficult for your gerbil to run. The ideal size of the running wheel for gerbils is 8 inches in diameter.

It is easy and comfortable to play with. The running wheel can also be bigger or smaller than 8 inches, depending on your gerbil size. You also need to make sure you do not get a normal hamster wheel for your gerbil.

The hamster wheel can be very dangerous for your gerbil. It has bare rungs and can entrap your gerbil’s tail, causing a lot of pain to your gerbil. Gerbils need running wheels for their exercise, but you have to get them the appropriate one not to provide more harm than good.

Best Gerbil Wheel for Glass Tank

There are several gerbil wheels you can use for your glass tank. You only have to make sure you get the appropriate running wheel for the gerbil. You also have to know how to set up the running wheel.

Best Gerbil Wheel For Glass Tank

You might get the wheel and set it up in the glass tank can be an issue. Before getting any gerbil wheel, you have to consider the size of your tank and gerbil. The wheel has to be small enough to enter the tank, and should also be large enough to accommodate your gerbil.

Once you have the wheel, fix it into the tank. Fixing the wheel should not be a problem as you will only need to mount it on a rigid structure. Depending on the way you want your gerbil’s tank to look like, you might also want to hang it.

Whatever the wheel you are getting, make sure it is of the appropriate size and shape. You have to consider the material used to manufacture the wheel. It is best to go for wheels that gerbils cannot chew. Metals, ceramics, and hard plastics will do the job as gerbils will find it difficult to chew them.

Ensure you do not get the slat style wheels for your gerbils as it is dangerous for them. It can trap their tails and other parts, causing much pain and injury. Once you can get a wheel with the appropriate size and material that fits your gerbil and glass tank, then it is the best for your gerbil.

Can Gerbils Run on Wheels

Running on wheels is one of the things your gerbil will enjoy doing. The wheel is one of the ways gerbils can play and exercise themselves. Gerbils are active animals and will not like being confined to space.

What Size Wheel Does a Gerbil Need

You cannot risk letting your gerbil run around the neighbourhood, but a wheel can simulate its environment and allow it to enjoy endless running. Your gerbil can and will run on a wheel if it can have one in his cage. You only have to provide the appropriate wheel for it.

Avoid wheels with cross-supports and rungs for your gerbil as it can trap its body part and injure it. Get a solid wheel like the Wodent Wheel or Silent Spinner for your gerbil and watch it enjoy its endless adventure of race.

Should Gerbils Have a Wheel

Your gerbils should have a wheel as it helps them fulfil their daily activities and requirements. Gerbils like to burrow and run around in the wild. You also have to simulate this experience for them by providing them with a running wheel.

The running wheel provides them with a long-running track in a confined space. Providing a wheel for your gerbil can make it happy as some gerbils will like to run on one. The running wheel can also extend your gerbil’s lifespan and keep it healthy with the constant exercise it performs.

How Much exercise Do Gerbils Need?

Gerbils need to exercise themselves to avoid being sedentary. Constant exercise will also keep up the health of your gerbil and ensure it has a longer lifespan. You can exercise your gerbil for an hour or two, three times a week.

The exercise you provide can vary ranging from running on a wheel to running around the room. Whatever exercise you provide, an hour or two is enough to keep your gerbil active and healthy. You do not want your gerbil confined to space and be inactive, so you must ensure it takes part in regular exercises.

Why Won’t My Gerbil Use a Running Wheel?

A running wheel is one of the instruments gerbils enjoy using. It is because it allows the gerbil to reach its top speed while it enjoys its adventure. However, your gerbil might not use the running wheel due to some reasons.

If your gerbil is sick, it might find it difficult to use the running wheel as it has better issues that need attention. Your gerbil might also find the running wheel unnecessary if it is hungry. Another reason your gerbil is not using the running wheel is comfortability.

If the running wheel is too small for the gerbil, it might get frustrated by using it. You will also notice the inconvenience when it tries to play with it. If you are introducing the running wheel to your gerbil, it might not use it as it will find it awkward; but it will start to use it with little practice and learning.

How to Make a gerbil Wheel

You can make your gerbil wheel yourself if you already encountered problems with buying. Follow these steps to make a simple gerbil wheel.

  1. Get a circular object with sides that can hold your gerbil (cans will offer good results).
  2. Let the can be large enough to accommodate your gerbil.
  3. Cut the can to shape if it is larger than needed.
  4. Get a rotor or bearing that will provide easy rotation of the can when the gerbil walks on the side.
  5. Make a hole that will fit the rotor or bearing.
  6. Make use of adhesive to ensure the rotor gets stuck.
  7. Add cardboard or any other material inside the can to improve the comfort for your gerbil.
  8. Attach the rotor to the side of the cage.
  9. You can rotate the wheel (can) to check if it is rigid.
  10. Once you have a rigid wheel, put your gerbil in it for the race.

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Why is My gerbil Using the Running Wheel as a toilet?

Gerbils are animals, and they do not have the slightest idea what a toilet is. They tend to ease themselves when they feel the urge to and where they feel they should. The running wheel can be one of the best places for your gerbil, especially when it has a small cage.

Alternatives to a Running Wheel for Gerbils

There are several alternatives to a running wheel for your gerbil, but the best fit is an exercise ball. The exercise ball allows the gerbil to exercise itself by running and stretching itself on the ball, although the gerbil cannot reach its full speed. Other alternatives are play toys and burrowing structures.

Exercise Balls for Gerbils

Exercise balls are useful in exercising your gerbils. They are like spherical running wheels and allow your gerbil to roll around while sitting in it. Exercise balls allow gerbils to exercise themselves but might not be able to reach their highest speed.


The running wheel is essential for exercising your gerbil. When choosing the wheel, you should pick the one that best suits your gerbil and its cage. An appropriate wheel should have an 8 inches diameter, so you should try not to get anything lesser.