Why are Budgies So Cute? {Why Do We Love Them So Much}

Do you own a budgie?

Do you ever wonder why they are so cute and Adorable ?

Read through this article, I will disclose why they are so adorable that they catch your fancy.

Why are Budgies So Cute?

Budgies, or budgerigar often referred to as Parakeets in the US, are among the most beautiful little creatures on planet earth.

Why are buddies so cute

They are cute birds with slender bodies and long tails. They have a unique and attractive body colour that draws you to them. For the records, budgies are known to be the third most common pets globally, aside from cats and dogs.

They are cute, friendly, playful, intelligent, smart, and inexpensive to breed. Hence, they are considered suitable as pets.

Asides from being cute and friendly, budgerigar are known to be very tough birds. They inhabit the dry grasslands and survive droughts. They feed on grasses, grains, insects, and seeds, and they love to move in flocks. During the drought season, they move in flocks to look for food and water. They have a life span of 7-15 years if you properly take care of them.

Why Do We Love Budgies So Much

There are many reasons that we love budgies which include


Budgerigars are exceptionally playful, friendly, intelligent, and curious creatures. They are smart and can learn certain things if trained. You can train your bird for shows, concerts, and other social activities.

Budgies are also gentle birds and can be very friendly with children. You can leave the bird at home with your children and not worry about the children getting hurt.  Studies show that budgies are smart enough to learn and understand human languages. They can also talk, which makes them able to hold little conversations. If you are looking for a sweet companion for you or your kids, a budgie will do for that.

These tiny creatures are also very emotional beings; they love care and attention. The sweet thing about them is that they reciprocate the love you give to them, but if you ignore them, yell at them or act hostile towards them, they will be distant from you.


Generally, Budgies live in the wild, but they can be domesticated and kept in the house as pets. Due to their affectionate and intelligent nature, they are easy to train. Budgies are best kept in pairs if you must keep them at home. Their feeding is expensive as they feed on grains, seeds, grasses, fruits such as bananas, cherries, strawberries, nectarines, and insects. Please keep them in large cages with places for them to perch. They also love to play with water. Hence, you have to make available a place with water for them in the cage.


Budgies are emotional creatures. They love attention and care. If you want to keep them, and you want them to live long,  you have to care for them and give them attention like you would give any other pet. Feed them a variety of foods, clean water, toys, mental stimulations, and physical stimulations. They also love a clean environment. Build large cages for them, place toys, swings, and other items that they can play with, sing or play soft music for them, smile at them, and hold them gently; try to make them comfortable.


Budgies have a lifespan of 7-10 years. They are fragile, and their life can be cut short if they are neglected or maltreated. Common health issues of budgies include the scaly face, intestinal parasites, psittacosis, obesity, goiters, liver, and other health-related issues caused by just feeding on grains or seeds. Try feeding them with greens and fruits instead. A budgie can also fall sick if they lack care and attention. Therefore, if you are going to keep one as a pet, you should be prepared to shower it with lots of love, care, and attention.


The small size of the budgies, their playful, friendly, and gentle nature, and the low level of maintenance makes them suitable as pets. They are generally called beginner birds because of this trait. Budgies owners can proudly call themselves lucky because a budgie can hold conversations with a few words they can learn, making them good friends anytime you need someone to talk to; they would not judge or mock you.


Budgies are known to mimic words they hear. Studies show that a budgie can memorize more than 1,700 words. The males amongst them, however, talk better than the females, and they both can whistle. Budgies are birds that can look out for you anytime. They can hold conversations with the words they can gather. So, if you need someone to talk to or gist with, you can share sweet talk moments with your little buddy.

Why are Buddies Always Neglected?

Buddies are usually neglected because of their small size. Some people ignore them because they feel that they are not as big as a dog or cat. Hence, they buy them and keep them just like that. They are emotional beings that love attention and hate to be yelled at. If you always yell at them, mistreat them, or neglect them, they become reserved, and it could cause them to die early.

Can You Cuddle a Budgie?

Yes, you can cuddle a budgie. Budgies love to be cuddled, kissed, touched, and talked to regularly. If you want your budgie to become best friends with you, or you want them to trust you, cuddling, petting, playing, and talking to them are often the best strategies you can adopt.

Budgies are very colourful little creatures. They are not as noisy as other birds, and they are great friends to children, playful, sweet, cute, can talk, and are usually not aggressive.

Budgies are also very emotional and can interact with you if they trust you. They love to be touched, cuddled, kissed, and talked to; they crave attention a lot.

So, if you are looking for that one buddy to always spend time with, a budgerigar is the perfect friend for you.