Will My Budgie Remember Me?

Are you a happy owner of a budgie living in your house? Are you worried about whether it can forget you if you go for a vacation?

In this article, I will tell you about the peculiarities of budgies’ memory, and how they will remember you.

Will My Budgie Remember Me? Yes, budgies are very intelligent and will always remember you, even after a few months apart.

Budgies are social birds. They have very good memory for people to whom they are used to. If you became friends with your budgie, it won’t forget you even in several years.

It will remember you because they can remember emotions connected with you.

Will My Budgie Remember Me

Will My Budgie Remember Me After a Few Weeks / Months Apart?

Wavy budgies have a very good memory. Domestication of wavy budgies takes a lot of time and patience. However, if you do get on well with a budgie, it will not forget you. Like all birds, wavy budgies have an excellent memory.

The peculiarity of memory of wavy budgies is the ability to remember emotions clearly. Your care, games, and interaction with the wavy budgie allow forming a stable emotional connection between you and your pet. Since in the wild, they live in large societies and are collective creatures.

Once a wavy budgie befriends you, it will not forget you for the rest of its life. Being separated from your pet for a few weeks or even months will not affect a wavy budgie’s relationship with you.

They have an excellent memory and you don’t have to worry about your budgie forgetting you. The only thing you have to worry about is how your budgie will tolerate the separation.

Will My Budgie Remember Me After a Vacation?

Forced separation from your budgie for a holiday or business trip is quite an ordeal for your pet. These social creatures constantly require the company of people and animals they are used to. While on holiday, owners of wavy budgies entrust the care of their pets to other people.

Although budgies get used to the new person taking care of them over time, there is no reason for the owner to worry. After even a long holiday, a wavy budgie will remember its owner.

After your return, it will not take long until your wavy budgie remembers you and comes back to you. Usually, it will not take more than a couple of days.

It is very important not to stress your budgie by wearing different clothes or hairstyles for the first time after a long time.

Do Budgies Forget Their Owners?

When you become the owner of a budgie, it will take time to gain your trust. During your time together, the budgie will remember you and won’t forget you anymore.

Wavy budgies are great at remembering people who feed, talk, play, and care for them. Even if you took a wavy budgie from another owner and became a new friend to it, nevertheless, a wavy budgie will have no problem remembering its old owner.

Budgies are great at remembering emotions, and such an emotional bond, especially with the owner, is very firmly stored in the pet’s brain.

It is important to be very careful when communicating with your new friend for the first time, otherwise, it will take a long time to gain trust.

Wavy budgies are by nature social creatures and can sense the absence of the owner and even miss him.

How Long Does it Take for a Budgie to Forget You?

Even though nowadays there are more captive wavy budgies than in the wild, it is impossible to specify the exact period when a wavy budgie will forget its owner. The experience of a great number of wavy budgie lovers shows that they can remember a person with whom they have had an emotional bond for several years.

This concerns not only the owners or other people with whom the budgie has managed to make friends but also people who have caused damage to the budgie or caused negative emotions, such as fear.

Fear very often arises when rules are not followed during the first interaction with a wavy budgie. Also, wavy budgies can remember the environment around their cage. There are many examples of wavy budgies remembering their first owners that they have not seen for more than 5 years.

Do Budgies Have Memories?

Budgies are considered to be the most intelligent birds. They can be taught to distinguish colors, shapes, objects, and even people. Birds have an exceptional memory. In the wild, birds can hide thousands of seeds over hundreds of square kilometers and then find more than 90%.

Parts of their brains are thought to be specifically designed for this purpose. Wavy budgies can remember words, objects, colors, shapes, etc. Wavy budgies are always wary of new people and environments.

It takes some time for a wavy budgie to remember a place or person. If you have harmed a budgie by frightening it, for example, it will be very hard to gain trust.

A budgie may remember its abuser after a long time. Toys that develop intelligence are of particular interest to a budgie. It can study them for hours at a time.

What is the Memory Span of a Budgie?

Wavy budgies have a large memory span. With proper training, they can remember up to 100 words, can name up to 50 different objects, can count up to 6, can distinguish up to 7 colors and up to 5 shapes, can understand the difference between big and small, different and the same, top and bottom.

Wavy budgies have a good memory for emotions and can remember their owner’s attitude towards them. The main organ for receiving information about the world around them for wavy budgies, as for all birds, is sight.

A budgie is great at remembering people and animals it interacts with. Wavy budgies are very curious and are happy to explore their surroundings and are great at remembering the locations of objects.

Do Budgies Miss Their Owners?

Wavy budgies get attached to their owners like humans and not only don’t forget, they can also miss them.  Wavy budgies, just like people, are social creatures and very fond of communication, and try to avoid loneliness.

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If a bird is deprived of company, it can develop depression, which can lead to the self-pecking syndrome.

That is, stress forces the bird to pluck its feathers. Budgies, on the other hand, are capable of keeping themselves occupied with, for example, mirrors and baby rattles, and do not require much attention.

When you go away to work or run errands, you can put your feathered friend in a cage.

There are many examples of when birds miss their owners and can’t even imagine their existence without their own family. Some individuals of wavy budgies are not able to survive even a couple of days without their owner and fall into a stressful state.