Can a Male Budgie Have Two Females? {Will They Get On}

Have you seen a male budgie having two females? Is it alright for a male budgie to have two females? In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about having a male budgie with two females.

Although rare, it is possible for a male budgie to have two females.

Can a Male Budgie Have Two Females? Typically a male budgie mates with two females rather than remaining loyal to a single female for life. While most male budgies are monogamous and share a bond with one female, there are always exceptions. 

Now that you know that a male budgie can have two females in rare cases, you might be wondering, is it ok to keep a male budgie having two females? Let’s find out!

Is It Ok to Keep a Male Budgie Having Two Females?

It is not a good idea to keep a male budgie having two females. There are many complications that can arise from keeping a male budgie having two females. Also, it’s always advisable to either keep a budgie pair together.

Can a Male Budgie Have Two Females

Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t keep a male budgie with two females.

Chances of Constant Fights

Keeping a male budgie having two females might lead to fights. Since female budgies are more aggressive, bossy, and possessive, it is likely that the two females fight over the male budgie. If the fight takes an ugly turn, they might end up bleeding or having injuries.

Lonely or Left Out Female

If a male budgie develops a liking for either of the females, the other female might feel lonely or left out. If that happens, it’s better to put the lonely female into a different cage and get her a mate too.

More Babies

What if the male budgie breeds with both the females? Besides jealousy between the two female budgies, it will also lead to more babies, in short, more budgies to look after. Moreover, it could pose a problem for you if you are uncomfortable with the idea of breeding budgies.

Will they Get On?

I don’t think that a male budgie and two female buddies can get along. As discussed earlier, female buddies are more territorial, dominating and aggressive. Therefore, having more female budgies can result in fights.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to say if all three of them will get along. The probability of the male budgie bonding with one of the females is more as compared to all three of them living happily. In unfortunate cases, you might find the two females fighting to the death over the male budgie.

If I Have Two Female Budgies Can I Get a Male?

No, you shouldn’t do that mistake. Having two female budgies with a male budgie is not ideal and I wouldn’t suggest that. Firstly, having three budgies together is a lot of crowd and you should avoid it. Secondly, it will lead to favouritism or the male budgie preferring one of the females more, resulting in anger, jealousy, hatred and loneliness in the left-out female.

How to Introduce a Male Budgie to Two Females?

There are different ways of introducing a male budgie to two females. Let’s have a look at them!

Quarantine Male Budgie for 30 Days

You shouldn’t straight away introduce a male budgie to two female budgies. This applies to introducing a budgie of any sex to a flock of budgies. You should keep the male budgie in quarantine for a month before you can even think of introducing him to the females to prevent diseases.

Get them Used to Seeing Each Other Daily

Don’t keep the male budgie in the same cage as the females initially. Rather, you can think of placing the cage of the male budgie in the same room where you keep the cage of your female budgies. This way, female budgies won’t be surprised to see the male and they will slowly start interacting and getting along.

Let the Three Budgies Be Outside their Cages for Sometimes:

Under close supervision, let your female budgies and the male budgie stay outside their cages for some time. You need to check if the female budgies and the male budgie are coming together or not. If the three are seen on the same spot, it means that they are trying to get along.

Big Cage Size and Enough Food:

If you plan to put the male budgie in the same cage after the three get familiarized, make sure the cage size is big enough for them to live peacefully. Also, ensure that there is enough food for all three of them to avoid them fight over food.

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Which Sexes of Budgies Get on the Best?

Male budgies get on the best as compared to female budgies. Male budgies are friendly and love sharing their food and other things. On the other hand, female budgies tend to fight more if kept together. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep either two male budgies or a pair of male and female budgies together.

Can Two Male Budgies Live Together?

Yes, two male budgies can very well live together. In fact, most people prefer keeping two male budgies together over two female budgies as they get along well. Moreover, unlike female budgies, male budgies don’t fight with each other if kept in the same cage.

In short, male budgies can stay in perfect harmony with each other. Also, you would love to see their bond of brotherhood and friendship. Interestingly, male budgies also don’t mind sharing their food and feeding each other.

How Many Male to Female Budgies?

Preferably, the ratio of male to female budgies should be equal. In other words, you should keep an equal number of male and female budgies together. For example, you should keep two male budgies to two female budgies. The number of male and female budgies living together should be even.

In case you have an unequal number of male and female budgies, always keep more males with fewer females as females fight more.