Can You Take a Budgie Outside? {5 Things You Need To Know}

Are you wondering if you can take your budgie outside? Is it alright to take your budgie outside?

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about taking your budgie outside.

Can You Take a Budgie Outside? Yes, you can take your budgie outside. However, you need to be careful while taking your budgies outside as they are small birds which can be seen as food for certain predators.

With proper precautions, you can spend time with your budgie outdoors.

Now that you know that you can take your budgies outside, you might be wondering if it is safe to take your budgie outside. Let’s find out!

Can You Take a Budgie Outside

Is it Safe to Take Your Budgie Outside?

Budgies are tiny pets, and it could be unsafe to take them outside without proper training and precautions. The following are the possible dangers of taking your budgie outside.

  • As budgies are small birds, they are easy to get attacked by their predators, including hawks, falcons, cats, dogs, and snakes.
  • Since budgies are not used to the outside temperature, they might suffer health issues.
  • It’s possible that your budgie might fly away and never returns.

Do Budgies Like Going Outside?

There’s no definite answer to it. It depends from budgie to budgie. Some budgies are afraid to leave their cages because they find them safe. For them, leaving their comfort zone is something they don’t prefer, whereas some budgies love to get out of their cages and play in the open. It’s usually the case with budgies who have had enough training to leave their cages.

Do Budgies Like Rain?

No, budgies don’t prefer rain. In fact, they can get sick if exposed to rain. Being native to Australia, budgies are used to warm days and dry nights. Therefore, they are not adapted to do well in a cold, rainy, or stormy environment.

Can I take an Untamed Budgie Outside?

No, i’s not a good idea to take your untamed budgie outside. An untamed budgie has the tendency to leave the cage and never get back again. It’s painful to get separated from one’s pet, and no one wants to go through it.

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Do Budgies Come Back if they Fly Away?

In most cases, it’s hard to get your budgie back if it has flown away too far. Budgies need time to adjust to new surroundings. If you have recently adopted a budgie, it’s important that you spend enough time with it to make it feel safe.

If your budgie feels scared of you or finds it difficult to adjust to the new environment, there are chances that it will never come back if it flies away. There is also a possibility that your budgie gets attacked, dies, or loses its way back home.

Nonetheless, budgies are likely to come back in the following cases:

  • If they have a reason to come back. Most budgie owners who let their budgies out usually hang millets and other bird food in their cage. This way, their budgie returns after some time to feed itself.
  • You have adequately trained your budgie to find its way back home.
  • If your budgie is finger trained to sit on your finger when you want it to go back in the cage.
  • Your budgie can also come back if you call its name. A Budgie is good at recognizing its owner’s voice, and it will return if you try to call it.
  • If you keep the door of the cage open.

Can You Take Budgies for Walks?

Yes, you can take your budgie out for a walk if the weather is alright. It’s not advisable to take your budgie for a walk if it’s too cold or windy as it can make your budgie fall sick.

Moreover, make sure to take the following safety measures before you take your budgie outside with you.

1. Train At Home

Before deciding to take your budgie outside for a walk, ensure that you train your budgie at home. Decide a fixed time for letting your budgie stay outside of its cage in a room or at a safe space in your home. Please turn off the fans and other electrical appliances that can harm your budgie to let it move safely.

You can consider setting up a small toy playground for your budgie outside the cage where it can play. Also, keep the door of the cage open and always have some food hung on it to get your budgie back inside the cage.

2. Clip the Wings of Your Budgie

Clipping or trimming the wings of your budgie is advisable if you want to take it out for walks. It’s safer to take a budgie with clipped wings outside as it cannot fly away.

3. Use a Harness

You can use a harness to take your budgie outside for a walk. Make sure the harness doesn’t hurt your budgies neck. Put the harness around your budgies neck and wings and gently tighten the straps. Hold the other end of the harness tightly with your hand or wrap it around your hand. This way, you can let your budgie enjoy a walk with you without flying away.

4. Finger Train

It’s essential to finger train your budgie before taking it outside for a walk. You can keep your finger near the legs of your budgie as it walks. Once your budgie gets used to it, you will find it sitting on your finger and coming back to you.

Take Note: Always start to finger train your budgie slowly. Don’t rush things, as it can scare your budgie.

5. Carry Your Budgie in a Cage

You can also take your budgie outside for a walk in a cage or carrier. Put a small padlock on the door of the cage for more safety. Also, ensure that there’s enough room for your budgie to move and stretch its wings. Do keep food and water supplies ready in the cage too.