Will Budgies Starve Themselves? {Can They Die}

Did you notice that your budgie hasnt been eating and drinking recently? Do you worry about the reasons of it starving?

Will budgies starve themselves?

Yes, budgies can starve themselves to death. Most of the time it will be due to an illness or disease but budgies have also been know to not eat food they don’t like.

In this article, I will talk about the possible reasons why your budgie doesn’t eat and whether you should do anything about it.

The most common cause for your budgie to stop eating is due to stress or illness. At the new place, or with a new budgie in a cage, they can feel uncomfortable for the first two days. It is important to understand the reasons for this behavior, because it can turn out to be a symptom of a serious disease and lead to a budgie. Don’t let them starve for more than two days.

How Long Does it Take for a Budgie to Starve?

It will be easier to exclude adverse consequences when caring for a bird if you first find out how many days a budgie can live without food.

Will Budgies Starve Themselves

The pet can do without food for longer than in the case of water, but it is not necessary to allow a long absence of food in the cage. Without dry food, the budgie will live for 3-4 days, however, its absence can negatively affect the well-being of the pet.

With prolonged fasting (up to 4 days) the budgie at home may have such negative symptoms:

  • the feathers begin to fade and actively fall out;
  • the pet looks sluggish;
  • there are failures in the digestive tract;
  • the bird’s immunity is weakened;
  • sometimes there are various diseases.

In the worst case, the lack of food in some cases leads to a fatal outcome.

Why is my Budgie Starving Themselves?

Every parrot brought to a new apartment initially experiences stress from the road, and then from a new place of residence.

That’s why it’s normal if the bird does not eat or drink anything at first. Of course, such tests have to be passed by every newly-made parrot owner, but you can go this way with minimal losses if you do everything correctly.

When the budgie does not eat anything, being already a long-time tenant in the apartment, then you should carefully observe its behavior, appearance, and quality of the litter.

[youtube v=”rrA6GrQzYEY”]

Perhaps the bird got sick or poisoned. The first thing you should do in such a situation is to contact a qualified specialist because home treatment can turn out badly.

Why Is my Budgies Not Eating?

There are several possible reasons why a budgie can refuse to eat which include

New Owner, Cage, or House

It is quite possible that the bird does not eat anything for the first few days because it does not understand where the food is because the surrounding conditions and the cage have changed. In advance, stock up on several feeders and drinkers, pre-arrange them in a cage with a sprinkled feed.

This method will help the budgie to orient itself faster and detect food and water. It is also quite normal if the bird behaves like a “dummy”, does not react to the drinkers and food scattered under the paws, such a stupor will come off in a couple of days.

New Plate for Water and Food

There may be a problem similar to finding food in a new cage when a budgie can not orient itself. An additional open shelf located at the bottom of the cage will help with this problem. The heavier the bowl is, the less likely the parrot is to turn it over, ceramics are perfect for this purpose.

If fruits and vegetables often appear in the parrot’s diet, then it more than replenishes the water balance with their help. And it is not at all easy to see firsthand how the wavy drinks from the drinking bowl.

Such a miniature and active bird as a budgie is not able to live without water for more than three days, which means that any malaise will immediately become obvious to the owner of the parrot. When a bird is cheerful, active, without external changes, this is a clear sign of health and a reason to stop worrying unnecessarily.


In most cases, the reason why the budgie does not eat or drink anything is hidden behind an injury, because quite often the birds hit the glass or mirrors.


Of course, it is possible that the wavy does not eat because of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, which are quickly detected by the appearance of the litter.


If the reason lies in stress, you need to wait a couple of days, trying once again not to disturb the bird and let it get used to it, if you are ill, immediately contact a specialist.

Do Budgies Stop Eating When They’re Full?

At first glance, it seems that budgies drink and eat very little. Despite this feature, parrots are very sensitive to severe changes in nutrition. The wavy ones have a fairly fast metabolism, which is why the assimilation of food and water occurs in just a couple of hours. The parrot will not be able to feed in advance for several days.

Some owners of birds leave and leave as much food as possible in the feeder and put a second drinking bowl in the cage. This measure is not always able to protect the budgie from feeling hungry. Sometimes a bird can empty the feeder at one time, and starve all the remaining days. Do not forget that overfeeding can cause digestive problems the next day.

Experiencing stress, budgies begin to eat too much. Maybe that’s exactly why grain feed limit 2 tsp a day/ If you give other foods (vegetables, fruits), the portion of the grain feed should be reduced to 1.5 tsp.

If you give cereals, sprouted grains, eggs, and other high-calorie food, the daily ration of grain feed is reduced depending on the amount of additional feed (for example, if it eats 1 tsp. of porridge, then grain feed is also given 1 tsp.). Bread is forbidden.