At What Age Can Budgies Eat Fruits and Vegetables?

Are you interested in when to start feeding a budgie some fruits and vegetables? In this article will give you a thorough understanding of the age it is safe for budgies to eat fruits and vegetables.

Budgies need to be on healthy diets. Their diets must include fruits and, more importantly, vegetables, But can baby budgies eat fruit and veg?

At What Age Can Budgies Eat Fruits and Vegetables? You can start to feed a budgie fruit and vegetables when they have reached 1.5 months old. 

How to serve the fruits and vegetables depends on the type of budgie you have got.

Your budgie may prefer its fruits and veggies chopped, sliced, or diced. It is advisable to try all methods of serving till you discover which is preferred by your pet budgie.

At What Age Can Budgies Eat Fruits and Vegetables

At What Age can Budgies Eat Fruits?

A budgie that is a little bit over a month old is safe to eat fruits. Make sure you do not rush to feed your budgie fruits. You should wait till it is 5-6 weeks old before you feed it some fruits.

If your budgie is newly born, it needs its mother’s warmth as baby budgies require an extra amount of heat. A baby budgie less than a month old needs to rely on its mother’s milk. Before you hand feed it some fruits, make sure your baby budgie has enough food and attention from its mother.

A budgie a couple of months old is perfectly capable of consuming fruits.

Can Baby Budgies Eat Fruits?

It is not advisable for baby budgies to eat fruits in large proportions. This is because of the sugar content present in such proportions of fruits. Baby budgies will find it harder to break down the sugar, unlike older budgies.

You must feed your baby budgie little quantities of fruits till it is well developed to fully process the sugar content in greater proportions. You can also mash up the fruits to make it easier for the budgie to digest.

Baby budgies should rather feed on the mother budgie’s milk. The milk contains natural nutrients needed for the baby budgie to grow and antibodies that help boost its immunity against diseases.

How Do You Introduce Fruits to Budgies?

Remember, budgies are naturally picky eaters. You, as a budgie’s owner, should try to provide an array of selections of fruits so you can see which your budgie prefers. After you have tried feeding your budgie the selection of fruits and you have selected the kinds of fruits it eats,

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You can start by introducing thin slices of fruits into its diet.

You can also try cooking and mashing up fruits and adding seeds that your budgie prefers to it.

Spreading small chops of fruits in its cage will also help a budgie to consume the fruits.

Budgies like to imitate human actions, so you can try eating fruits in front of them. This works if you have developed a healthy bond with your pet budgie.

You can also incorporate foods like bread or millet into the fruit mash-up. Your budgie has to be familiar with both for this to work.

Recommended Fruits to Feed Your Budgies

A budgie can eat the following fruits:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Grapefruits
  • Lemons
  • Melons
  • Mangoes
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Strawberries

At What Age Can Budgies Eat Vegetables?

Unlike fruits, a baby budgie can eat vegetables right from when it is four weeks old. So, do well to ensure you include vegetables in your budgie’s diet at an early age.

At What Age Can Budgies Eat Vegetables

Much older budgies, starting from 7-week old budgies, should be accustomed to eating vegetables. If your budgie is among this category of budgies and is not accustomed to eating vegetables, you should get started right away and incorporate vegetables into its diet.

Can Baby Budgies Eat Vegetables?

The answer to this is “Yes.” It is perfectly fine to feed your weaning budgie vegetables. Vegetables can be easily processed and accepted by baby budgies. If you wait too long, it will be more difficult to get your pet budgie on vegetables.

Vegetables can also provide your baby budgie with nutrients needed for it to grow. As an owner, it is your duty to ensure your pet budgie has a veggie mix incorporated into its diet for it to be healthy and strong.

To make it easier for your baby budgie to eat vegetables, try to chop the vegetables into little proportions. For example, it would be harder for a baby budgie to eat a whole carrot than if it were chopped into small bits.

How Do You Introduce Budgies to Vegetables?

It is relatively easier to keep your budgie on vegetables if you had started it on them at a young age. If you have not, or perhaps you got an older pet budgie, you can try the following methods.

Just like fruits, you can eat vegetables in front of them so that your budgie can imitate the action.

Try offering pieces of the vegetable to the budgie on your finger. Once you are familiar with the budgie and it is comfortable around you, it would trust that you would not poison it and would eat up whatever it is you offer.

Offer the vegetables in ways that are visually appealing. The more aesthetic the veggies are, the higher the chances of your budgie eating them.

You can also try covering up the veggie mix with seeds of fruits that your budgie enjoys.

Remember, a healthy budgie is a happy budgie.

Recommended Vegetables to Feed Your Budgies

Some of the vegetables you can feed your budgie are:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots (Shredded or Chopped)
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery stalks
  • Peas
  • Pumpkins
  • Radish
  • Sweet corn
  • Sweet potato


Ensure you get your budgie on a healthy diet consisting of veggie mixes and fruit mash-ups right away.